vrijdag 9 juni 2017

Creative Fingers Challenge 132

New challenge at Creative Fingers
We're already on challenge number 132!!
Gosh how time flies.

This challenge we're sponsored by 



Meet Spot

I've used Fabulous Foil: dark blue & Glitter Gold to create another page in my planner
For a tutorial on how to use digi stamps with Fabulous Foil, please visit my blogpost

I hope you enjoyed my simple but yet oh so cute page

Thank you for dropping by

woensdag 7 juni 2017

Oddball Art Stamp Designs Technique a Week - Fabulous Foil

My turn again on a "Technique a Week"

This week, I want to show you what I've done with this awesome image from 
Oddball Art Stamp Designs and some Fabulous Foil
Since I started my new job & school, I've been using my planner every day.
So I figured it was time to brighting that thing up a bit and not just read my school & working hours or about the tests I've had or to come

So I've made a divider
First I took a bit of thicker cardstock
It's slightly wider then my planner pages

Next I've printed two images on Strathmore Toned Tan paper with my laser printer
(To use the Fab Foil, the part that you want to be foiled, needs to be printed with a laser printer, or you can use Fabulous Foil Bonding Powder)


I wanted the stars and bubbles in pink, so I've used the fab foil pink

Cut out the bit that I needed to cover the stars and bubbles up
Next I folded a sheet of A4 printer paper in half and placed the image with the fab foil in between

Ran it through my cheap hot laminator

When it comes out, it looks like this

Carefully pull the bit of fab foil of your image and this is whats left

So you can see what it has left behind on the Strathmore Toned Tan paper

To colour the image, I've used Faber Castell Polychromo's 

Now I've finished colouring, I went back to the piece of thicker cardstock, the one with the holes.
Placed some double sided tape around the edges

Placed my finished colouring on top of that and punched the holes again.
I think this is a realy nice addition to my planner.

I hope you enjoyed this "Technique a week" with Oddball Art Stamp Designs
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If you're interested in more techniques, you can find our Technique a Week HERE

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woensdag 3 mei 2017

Oddball Art Stamp Designs Technique a Week - Color Wheels

Good morning, 

Each week at Oddball Art Stamp Designs we have a 
"technique" for you
This varies from actual techniques to explanations on how to create something or
maybe some hints and tips

For today's "technique" I'm goin to show you how I've made my color wheels
Color wheels are very helpfull, especialy when you're a bit of a colornoob like me :P

I have made 6 different colorwheels:
Analogous - Left bottom
Complimentary - Right bottom
Split Complimentary - Left centre
Triadic - Right top
Square - Right middle
Tetradic - Left top

I started with printing the 6 colorwheels on sturdy white paper

I took 1 acrylic sheet A4
1 blanc white sheet A4
and the white A4 printed sheet with colorwheels

I've cut the colorwheels with my circle die
and then cut out 6 plain white circles and 6 acrylic circles

 At first I drew lines on the acrylic circles matchin the kind of colorwheel that I wanted:
Analogous, compimentary etc

However, when I finished the color wheels, I wasn't too happy, as I felt I got distracted by all the other colours I could still see

So that's where the 6 white circles come in
I drew the lines on the six white circles

Cut out the parts that needed to be seen

Placed that on the transparant circles and glued down

Place this over 1 of the colorwheels,
punched a hole in the middle for a (colored) split pin

Now you can turn the top layer around.

Wishing you many happy coloring hours :)


I hope you enjoyed this "Technique a week" with Oddball Art Stamp Designs
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Huggsss, Angelique

vrijdag 28 april 2017

Creative Fingers #129 with Bugaboo Stamps

Good morning everyone,

Our new challenge at Creative Fingers Challenge Blog just launched.
This challenge were bein sponsored by 


For my card I've used the image
You can find Clyde in the shop HERE

I've used my copics to colour him and
some design paper en flowers from Action.
The leafs are cut with dies that I bought at the free market yesterday

Thank you so much for dropping by

I would like to enter these challenges: 

woensdag 12 april 2017

Oddball Art Stamps - Technique a week

Good morning everyone,

Today it's my turn again to show a "technique" with Oddball Art Stamps
As Easter is only a few days away, I decided it would be the perfect time to share an easter floating cup with you
So here's my finished project using the bunny from image:
 Doesn't she just fit perfect between those eggs?

So what do you need?
Cup and dish
Fake (plastic) leafs
styrofoam easter eggs
Hotglue gun
Fork (cheap/old/secondhand/thin weak)

So here are the cups that I found at the little secondhand shed that belongs to our church.
The money they earn, will be used for renovation and repairs to the church.

I went to the shop to get a new set of forks.
I had some thin forks in the drawer, so figured, I would use those as they're pretty easy to bend and just get a new set that are less "flimsy"
So ended up with 4 new forks for €1.49

Bend the fork and glue it down on the dish.

Hold it into place untill to glue cools and hardens, then glue the top inside the cup.
I forgot to make a photo of that, but you should glue down the fork onto the dish, the way im holding the fork in this picture.

I've bought one of those plastic flower wreaths at the church as well.
Paid €0,40
As you can see on the picture, I've already used almost half of it, but created 2 floating cups, so thats 4 cups for 40 cents :P
I did wash it first when I came home
So into the shower, rinsed the dust off
Placed into a bucket with cleaning soap.
Gave it a good wash, rinsed again and left it to dry over night

So next you take some branches with leafs of the wreath and just start glueing them down onto the fork and dish

Just keep adding, untill you have basicly covered the fork and you're happy with how it looks. 
(do not forget to place some leafs on the back of the fork)

Please be carefull when using a hotglue gun, I've managed to loose my fight with my gluegun 2 times while creating this project!

 Now once you're happy, it's time to start adding those easter eggs!!!!


Just randomly start gluein them down, untill again....... you're happy with how it looks.

Pick an image of your choice.
I've used the bunny from Lizzy's #30 - Evie N Bunni digi stamp.
Gave it a funkie matchin color and seated her in between the eggs

I hope you enjoyed this "Technique a week" with Oddball Art Co
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If you're interested in more techniques, you can find our Technique a Week HERE

Last but not least, we're having a DT CALL!!!!
So if you're interested in joining our team, follow the link and get your application in

Thank you so much for your time


#86 - Ike's world dt pick Sall

Little Scraps Of Heaven

We are gettin close to easter.
So I've made an easter floating cup.

The image I've used is from Little Scraps of Heaven.
Its a print and trace bible journaling page called

I also made a card with the entire image, just love love love this image.

Thank you for watchin


donderdag 2 februari 2017

Oddball Art Facebook Challenge & Technique a Week - Week 1

Hi Everyone,

It's the first of the month again, that means were launchin a new FB Challenge
Theme: Anything Goes with an Oddball Art Stamp.

We're also launchin our Technique a Week.
Every week, we will have a technique tutorial for you.
Starting March, if you're choosen by random org as our winner and you've created a project using 1 of the techniques from previous month you get to pick an extra digi stamp!
So that means, 4 instead of 3 Oddball Art Digi Stamps.

For this weeks technique:
Background with  Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst

I've taken a piece of 14.8x10.5cm aquarel paper and taped it down to my craft mat.

Sprayed it with some water and took Ken Oliver Crafts Color Burst Chartreuse.
 Carefully squeezed the bottle a few times, spreading the powder on the watered card.
Once I felt I had enough powder on there, I sprayed it again with bit a bit of water.
To give it a bit more vibrant look, I've added a bit of the Lime Green 
and sprayed with a bit of water again.

I had a couple more aquarel cards ready and because the taped card was wet enough, I could pick up some of the colour with my second and third card.
Took my heatgun to dry them.

I've coloured Img #363 Hudson with distress ink refillers.
Cut the image down to 12.8 x 6.8 cm
Cut the colour burst background card down to 13.5 x 9.6cm and place these two pieces onto a 14.8 x 10.5 bit of cardstock.
On the back of this, Ive added a piece of lined paper with a very short discription of the technique used.

I've placed this inside 1 of the pockets of the photosheets in my storybook.
Because I picked up some of that wet colored water with my second and third card, I had those as spares, so I've placed them in the next pocket, keepin them safe for another project.
(along with some receipts from that weeks shopping)

I hope you enjoyed this technique.
Next week, we will have a new technique, hosted by Tina, so do not miss out and join
us again next week.